The Need for Occupational Therapy. Check Out These Signs.

Occupational therapists help both children and adults adjust to the ever-growing challenges in life. You might not think that occasional therapy is important. But remember that some children need the expert guidance of a therapist to prepare them as they navigate the complexities of life. Here are some signs that can help you determine if your child needs to see an Occupational Therapist.

Developmental Delay

Parents should be aware of the milestones that their children should reach at certain ages. If you see any signs, do not delay and see an occupational therapist as soon as possible. Any noticeable delays will be discussed with the primary care physician during regular checkups. They will refer you to an occupational therapist if needed.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills include lifting their head, rolling onto their belly, crawling, etc. Every parent notices this right away. But always remember that every child develops at their own pace. So a couple of months behind is not typically a reason to worry. But if your child is significantly behind, they may need occupational therapy.

Fine Motor Skills

Regular screening of the fine motor skills abilities of your child is highly recommended. These are the movements and capabilities of the hand and finger muscles. Some children have challenges with their fine motor skills early on. A child needs to have fully developed fine motor skills. And if they require help, it would be easy to spot their challenges.

Education and Schooling

This can be a great challenge for all children, especially those just starting with formal education.  Seeking therapy to improve their skills is very important. If your child requires additional assistance beyond what the teacher or you can provide, do not hesitate to seek professional help. If they misbehave or have lack motivation at school, or often have delays in math and writing, it is best to see an occupational therapist.

Socialization Issues

One noticeable problem that some parents notice is when their child has difficulty responding to social cues. Many experts consider it developmentally inappropriate. Some kids can easily make friends, while others have a hard time trying to belong with their peers. If you feel that your child has socialization issues, it is best to see their pediatrician. They can help determine if you need to bring your child to an occupational therapist.

Always remember that not because you see any of these signs in your child, that they need an occupational therapist right away. Every child is unique and they develop at their own unique pace. But if you feel the need to bring them to an occupational therapist, do not hesitate to do so.